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Where do I start?

Call to schedule a fitting about 1 month before the Prom/Ball. Bring in a swatch, if applicable, of the dress you have to match. Measurements will be taken as well as selecting the style of desired suit/tuxedo. We MAY try on some garments if needed to determine proper sizing, so please dress accordingly. 





Pricing is determined by which styles are selected. Common selections are about $175 for everything, excluding shoes. Shoes are $8-$10 extra. Once again, prices do vary between each style. We are implementing a $40 non refundable deposit on all rentals.



When is pick up day?

Pick up days, unless discussed otherwise, are Wednesdays and Thursdays THE WEEK OF EVENT. Hours of operation are 10-7 both days, and customers will have the option to do a final filing to ensure the perfect fit. (I.E. sleeves and pants are at desired lengths.)

What is your returns policy?

Returns are due the following business day from the date of use, unless marked otherwise. For each business day not returned is an additional $20. Clothing does not need to be laundered before returning. Please make sure all items are returned back into the designated bag, and all pockets are checked for personal belongings.

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